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    International Transactions in Mathematical Sciences and Computer (ITMSC)

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    The International Transactions in Mathematical Sciences and Computer (ITMSC) is an international research journal, which publishes top-level work on Mathematical and Computer sciences. It is a refereed and peer reviewed journal.
    ITMSC will aim basically at research papers, short communication technical papers etc. It will also keep a look out for new and novel books coming out in the market. In this way ITMSC will try to give its reader a helping hand in finding out about the latest and the newest, in addition to all this, ITMSC will also have invited articles form people of eminence in their relevent field. These article will also help and guide the student as to the latest development in their concerned areas.

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    Preparation of Manuscript
    Manuscript must be type written on one side, with double spacing, wide margin at all sides on A4 paper format and page numbers should appear with right top of pages. 
    Manuscript should be sent in triplicate with CD to The Chief Editor. Authors are encouraged to send the manuscript online.  
    Title /Abstract / Key words 
    The title of the paper should be typed in capital, bold face letters. It should  be short, specific and informative. Then write name(s) of author(s) in bold face  followed  by address (es) in italics and then e-mail address (es).
    The titles of all Sections, Abstract, Acknowledgement, References should be typed centered in capital bold face.
    An abstract not exceeding 200 words should be typed in italics. It should not contain bibliographical references or references of the figures or abbreviations.
    Two to five keywords clarifying the subject of the manuscript should be given below the abstract in alphabetical order.
    References should be given at the end of the paper in alphabetical order of the surname of the author in the following way
     (i)    Books 
    Atkinson, J. W., (1964). An Introduction to Motivation, Van Nostrand, Princeton, 
     (ii)  Journal
    Rivlin, R.S. and Ericksen, J.L., (1995) Stress deformation relations for isotropic materials, J. Rat. Mech. Anal., 4,323.
    Citation in the text should be in the form Kilbas and Saigo[8], Prudnikov et al.[11]. 
    Equations be numbered according to section at the right hand side as (1.1), (1.2),  (2.1) etc.

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